Our Deal

We've been shooting together for a couple of years--events and weddings and kids and families-- so we figured we'd do an official team-up. We both photograph extensively outside of our commercial work; Jessica likes flowers and birds and costumed parade revelers, and Jamie likes to get weird and/or silly, and ideally both. Jessica uses top-of-the-line Canon cameras and lenses, and Jamie uses whatever he can get his hands on. Perhaps somewhat amusingly, neither of us especially likes having our photo taken; we feel your pain. We're both endlessly curious, visually and otherwise.

James Barnett

Jamie took photography classes back in the film era and shot musicians for his college music zine. Much, much later, as a gallery painter, he got a shmancy camera to shoot his paintings. Soon, he found himself shooting floral arrangements for his pal Gina, which led to shooting events and then weddings for Cicely, and here we are today. 

Jessica Hately

Jessica spends some of most weekends hiking the hills and canyons surrounding Phoenix, and when she can't get away, stalks hummingbirds at the Desert Botanical Garden.

One of her degrees is in art history, and she can discuss the difference between Rembrandt's light and Vermeer's.